The Theosis Institute in Southern Germany was founded in 1996 by Paul Skorpen and is dedicated
to the exploration of Christian Mysticism and spiritual healing (
Throughout the ages great mystics such as Origen, Meister Eckhart, Hildegard von Bingen, and Rudolf Steiner
have shed invaluable light on the inner way. More recently the Cypriot mystic and healer,
Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis, a.k.a. Daskalos (19121995) further illuminated the way to spiritual healing and beyond.
Paul Skorpen and his wife Birgit, studied and lived with Daskalos in Cyprus until his death.
The Institute's courses in healing as well as treatments are based on the teachings of Daskalos.

 Both Daskalos and Christ believed that it is the Divine Mercy/Love that heals.
As Jesus said, I do nothing by myself, it is my Father, who is working through me.
Daskalos was fundamentally passive, allowing the archangels, Christ, and the Holy Spirit
to heal through his hands, heart, and loving presence

This healing concept is built on the belief that every sickness and imbalance has its root
in the unconscious patterns and thought forms which are stored in the body and in the
  subconscious as result of our family, personal and cultural conditions and influences.
  Theosis Spiritual healers serve as an anchor and a guide through this very deep cleansing process.

Theosis Spiritual Healing has been taught and practiced throughout Europe and Scandinavia for twenty years.
In 2012, Paul Skorpen was invited to the USA to offer the first course here to qualify healers
in the Theosis Healing Technique based on the wisdom of
Daskalos and St. John the Evangelist.  Suzanna Alexander was blessed to be able to
attend the four week training and is now sharing Theosis Spiritual Healing.

For further information on Daskalos read The Magus of Strovolos by Kyriacos C. Markides

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